An excellent software program can help you streamline your billing department, all but eliminate billing and coding errors and boost efficiency across the board by turning treatment notes into a billable claim in seconds. What if your billing software, electronic health records and all-around clinic management software solution also helped you stay better connected to what really matters: your patients?

Revolutionizing Patient Care in the Digital Age

While there’s no substitute for old fashioned care and consideration, there’s also no denying the power and value of cutting-edge technology in today’s always-connected world. Your patients can request appointments at the first hint of discomfort, to set and monitor health and fitness goals, to access their treatment records or account history and more, all at the tips of their fingers with a dedicated smartphone app.

On your end, treatment notes can be turned to claims in as little as ten seconds with quick, intuitive templates designed to ensure your patients get all your attention, not a screen in your hands.

Bringing Your Billing Department Up to Speed

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced billing experts can struggle to stay abreast of constant changes in billing and coding procedures. Errors can be costly and time-consuming to correct, but they don’t have to be par for the course.

Your entire staff can be trained in the fully integrated ClinicDr system over a single lunch hour. With ease, your entire practice can be streamlined under a single cohesive system. Updates are frequent and always free, so you’re never left with out-of-date software you’re forced to pay a ransom to upgrade. Don’t let old practices keep you from forging stronger connections. Let your patients stay closer, your billing department run more smoothly, and your focus stay where it belongs with a genuinely revolutionary clinic management software solution.

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