Complete Solution for all your Chiropractic Billing needs.

24×7 Support Services

As we provide digital assistance to our clients for medical billing needs, the need for support can arise anytime. Billing 4 chiro offers 24*7 support services to resolve any issue regarding the services provided. Be it educating you about using the customized software deployed or resolving any issue regarding the insurance claims; we are just a call away. Our support service helps clients build a healthy bottom line with the least coding errors.

Chiropractic Coding

Our medical coding services are aimed at improving the efficiency of hospitals and physicians practices by cutting the costs and improving the bottom line. Our team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience implement streamlined medial code billing to help clients remove obstacles and get maximum reimbursement.

Paper/Electronics Claims Submission

Even in the era of technology, we support both paper/ electronic claim submissions catering to the needs of every kind of provider and patient. We suggest going for electronic insurance claims that are paid faster when compared to paper claims. Whether it is paper/ electronic claim submissions, our team works for the detection of errors, and different levels of editing prior to the claims are sent to submission.

Follow-up On Claims

Our effective follow-up claims will assist a speedy resolution for medical claims. An understanding medical emergency, we run a quick follow up as after the claim is submitted for payment. All our follow up claim services aims at reducing the days of accounts receivables but increase cash flow. Ours follow- up claims helps in early detection of rejection issues. We aggressively pursue all unpaid insurance claims. Our three stage follow-up claims process helps in strengthening the financial stability of the hospital, minimize the time for outstanding accounts, recover claims kept hold for information. Our follow-up claims will ensure no claims will go missing.

Claims Denial Management

We believe that our clients are adequately reimbursed for every service they offer. In the pursuit of our goals, errors in both paper and electronic submission are unavoidable at times. We help you resolve the issue with our claims denial management. Our acts effort in identifying and drilling down the common reasons for the denial of the claim in no time. As a process, our expert team will pinpoint revenue leakage across the revenue cycle.

Insurance/Patients Payment Posting

Our payment posting services posts, both electronic and paper claims in the billing software. Insurance payment posting allows identifying denials and problematic reasons behind them. We quickly run apt actions resolving the issue, thereby reducing days in payments made. Insurance payment posting helps in-detailed analysis of EOB’s and check if the claims are processed suitably. We ensure any uncovered amounts through insurance claims are sent to patients for payments and to the billing department to increase the cash flows of the hospital.

Generating Patients Statement

Sometimes, patients are left with balance payments of insurance claims like co-payment, services that are not covered. We help you generate a patient statement on a weekly basis to notify them of the leftover dues. Our software enables the facility to generate patient statements anytime and send it to them through a single platform. Our automated billing software enables us to generate a patient statement on demand and do the needful before they leave the office. Our chiropractic billing services enable the patients to send the money directly to your practice.

Weekly Progress Report

We keep you in the loop for updates regarding every service offered to the clients. Our clients can track the progress of the service every week. Our reports on the health of your revenue cycle every week raises the potential to identify new opportunities and room for development to strengthen the revenue cycle. Alongside, providing weekly progress report helps us monitor the revenue cycle from each patient to practitioner and offer a suggestion on customized billing protocols, educate internal staff about the changes or improvements made in the billing cycle. Our chiropractic billing services work intending to improve the financial health of the provider giving freedom to focus on patient health. The client will have real-time updates on the cash inflow and outflow of the hospital.

Weekly Conference Call

We believe in effective communication with the clients in addressing all the queries and concerns related to our medical billing service. We arrange a weekly conference call to conduct a SWOT on revenue cycle of the client and also notify them about the opportunities available to strengthen the revenue cycle. Swift response from the clients about the actions for improvements in the services and implementing newly identified opportunities will create a win-win situation.

Electronic Health Record

Our chiropractic billing services offer EHR/EMR facility enabling you to provide quality health care to the patients by accessing their health records just in few clicks. Also, our EHR facility in the software gives accesses to evidence-based tools to providers to help them make the right decision about patient care. Our EHR implements digital progress in your medical facility and transforms the way the care is delivered to the patient. 

Other Services

Website Designing & Development

Billing4chiro is all in one service providing company that gives our client assistance and the guidance for designing and developing the website as per the taste of the client. We are the expert in website development with the masters in WordPress, ASAP, JSP, PHP, HTML, along with the skilled and innovative ideology in designing that includes logo designing, graphic designing and other designing stuff that demands high level of creativity and expertise in domain name research, typography and content writing, which is primarily provided by our company that help the client to grow and pursue the peak that they deserve.


Marketing is the stage where you can advertise, promote, and sell your products and services with the way you convey its importance to your customers. Digital marketing is a part of the marketing system, which is the most trending and profitable concept in today’s digital world. It involves the advertisement of your products through social media or any other digital platform. In the globalized world, people prefer more digital marketing than conventional marketing. We at billing4chiropractic present with services like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) search engine marketing (SEM), Email marketing, content writing, and other countless things, to get the best results, and secure your business to flourish.



Content writing delineates the elegancy of your work that attracts clients to your business. It is the medium you address your company to the crowd. To draw in potential clients, your content ought to have all the requesting catchphrases with the innovativeness in your work. At billing4chiropractic, we have the right ways to make your content more evaluating, which will appeal to the crowd more positively. From the appraising content to the association of the people, we give high-class content composing abilities, which will give your site a summit in the advanced showcasing world.


The logo is the depiction that describes the actual meaning of the company and its work. It symbolizes the company’s best credits and should be the best-planned component of your organization. Billing4chiropractic gives renovated logo designs with a top-notch, remarkable, engaging, imaginative, and infectious logo that will genuinely speak to your company’s highlights. We considered the delicacy in the elegancy of logo, and that’s why we have our experts who work hard with creative and innovative minds to provide you with the designs that represent the best of your company.

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