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Even in the era of technology, we support both paper/ electronic claim submissions catering to the needs of every kind of provider and patient. We suggest going for electronic insurance claims that are paid faster when compared to paper claims. Whether it is paper/ electronic claim submissions, our team works for the detection of errors, and different levels of editing prior to the claims are sent to submission.

Every practitioner is behind prompt and accurate claims from the insurance companies, and we make it happen with our work through paper/ electronic claim submission. Though we largely prefer electronic claim submission, we process paper claims of your medical practice too. Since years, Billing4Chiro has been successful in getting a million claims paid for practitioners from small treatments to complex treatment procedures. As a part of getting your claims processed and reimbursed, we deal with a number of medical providers, and we deal with them consistently delivering a high level of service.

As a part of chiropractic billing service, we keep track of claims, whether it is paper/ electronic claim submissions, so that we can effectively project where it falls in your revenue cycle so that you can be sure about the cash flow of the business. If you are a provider that operates a small practice, we are ready to offer support to paper claims when you are into it. We help you process the claims faster; even paper claims are filed for you. Be it paper/ electronic claims; we offer real-time adjudication that immediately notifies if the status of claim acceptance and rejection.

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Our services are aimed at fulfilling the needs of enterprises ranging from small to big enterprises. We are here to help you every bit and piece of your billing needs.


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