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Our effective follow-up claims will assist a speedy resolution for medical claims. An understanding medical emergency, we run a quick follow up as after the claim is submitted for payment. All our follow up claim services aims at reducing the days of accounts receivables but increase cash flow. Ours follow- up claims helps in early detection of rejection issues. We aggressively pursue all unpaid insurance claims. Our three stage follow-up claims process helps in strengthening the financial stability of the hospital, minimize the time for outstanding accounts, recover claims kept hold for information. Our follow-up claims will ensure no claims will go missing.

Our Chiropractic billing service is good at handling both no response claims and unpaid claims. Our online claims follow up includes visiting partner insurance company websites to check the status of outstanding claims. Most of our network insurance companies have an IVR response system, an update your claim follow up will be noted by contacting them. If needed, we also indulge in direct calling to the insurance companies to get more detail reasons for denial of claims or any other reasons for the delay in processing.

High priority is given to the claims that have less filing times, followed by claims that have high chances of approval to increase the cash flow of the business. The last priority is given to the claims that have fewer chances collection as it needs more resources to follow up.

No matter how hurdled your claiming process is, our goal is to make your process run smoothly. Our chiropractic billing service effort in making your claim process as easy as possible and keep you updated with every stage of the claim process.

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