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Our chiropractic billing services offer EHR/EMR facility enabling you to provide quality health care to the patients by accessing their health records just in few clicks. Also, our EHR facility in the software gives accesses to evidence-based tools to providers to help them make the right decision about patient care. Our EHR implements digital progress in your medical facility and transforms the way the care is delivered to the patient.

With our EMR facility services, your patients are promised with coordinated and effective care. It also helps for legible documentation and accurate billing and coding that keeps insurance claim submission error-free to speed up revenue cycle of medical practice. Every detail about the patient care, including the self instructions about the health care digitalized and the information can be shared by the practitioner through the patient portal tied to an EHR system. We facilitate real-time accesses to patient health records anywhere and anytime. We make it easy for the patients to get care from multiple medical practitioners with our digital EHR records. Our software aims at empowering patients and get them involved in patient care through patient portals.

The practitioner can easily establish direct communication with the patients and provide personalized care. Billing4Chiro also provides customized EHR/EMR facility for your medical practice on request. We indulge our expert team in studying the current requirements of the medical practice customize the EHR/EMR system that suits you best.

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