Simplifying the Billing Department in Your New Chiropractic Clinic

Simplifying the Billing Department in Your New Chiropractic Clinic

Opening your own chiropractic practice allows you to forge your own path, but it does come with a host of responsibilities, some of which can be a bit more complicated than they seem at first blush. Though your first priority is, and should be, simply treating your patients, it’s important to understand how many roadblocks are thrown up when your billing department isn’t operating efficiently.

Billing and coding errors are costly, create unnecessary delays in payment, and they’re easy to make. Even the most seasoned billing and coding specialist may struggle to keep up with rapid-fire changes in policies and procedures. When you’re not able to collect on insurance claims in a timely manner, it becomes more and more difficult to focus on your primary goal of providing exceptional care to patients.

How Dedicated Software Solutions Simplify Chiropractic Billing

What if your practice was capable of turning a treatment note into a billable claim in under fifteen seconds? With Clinic Doctor, this isn’t just a possibility; it’s a reality. Our system was built with the specific needs of chiropractic clinics in mind, and we’re proud to say our program can all but eliminate costly billing errors. By streamlining the administrative side of caring for patients, our system gives you more of the tools you need to succeed as a practice.

Updates to our system are regularly maintained, and those updates are always free of charge. Clinic Doctor is a true one-time investment in your administrative system, and it can be learned thoroughly by your entire staff over the course of a single lunch hour.

We designed Clinic Doctor to be a simple, intuitive, and powerful solution to electronic health records management, billing and coding, and more. Do you want to learn more about how Clinic Doctor can revolutionize the way your practice does business? Contact us today.

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