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Most of the times, patients reach the providers backed by the confidence of insurance, but, unfortunately, they might not know the validity of the insurance plans or coverage of the treatment plants. The cost of treatments would surprise patients, and their inability to bear them would surprise practitioner too. We help you rule out all this ambiguity through our insurance plan & benefits verification. Our insurance plan & benefits verification help that patients ensure they have enough coverage for the treatments even before it is started. Our insurance plans and benefit verification services will minimize denials and re-claims and smoothen bills are expedited at the appropriate rates. We help both the patients; providers know if that particular treatment is covered by insurance plan, if yes, to what extent even before treatment is initiated. We also check the status of insurance claims and eligibility. Our services help the providers to improve the cash flow of the hospitals, streamline workflow and boots your self- pay revenue.
We have a big network of insurance companies, so we help check the insurance coverage of the patient at the earliest. Our insurance and benefit verification as part of chiropractic billing service takes care of the patient at our front desk. We get in touch with the insurance companies to get the required information related insurance limits, eligibility, and the extent and type of coverage offered.

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