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Sometimes, patients are left with balance payments of insurance claims like co-payment, services that are not covered. We help you generate a patient statement on a weekly basis to notify them of the leftover dues. Our software enables the facility to generate patient statements anytime and send it to them through a single platform. Our automated billing software enables us to generate a patient statement on demand and do the needful before they leave the office. Our chiropractic billing services enable the patients to send the money directly to your practice.

We have seamless integration of the entire billing process, so that patient invoices are generated to get paid faster. We send professional and efficient patient statements that get results without any additional costs. We immediately strengthen your cash flow with our high performing billing solutions.

Billing4 Chiro also provides phone calling service to answer all patient queries and concerns regarding the patient statement, inspect their EOBs and co-ordinate with insurance companies to resolve claims at the earliest.

We help you collect every penny you owe from the patients thorough our follow up service via mailing payment statements multiple times, phone calls. We also help you set up payment plans for the patients as per your needs and monitor their progress. All our effort is to reduce your costs radically, speed up payments, and increase payer satisfaction. Your patients will get a professional-looking bill on time along with great convince of paying methods.

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Our services are aimed at fulfilling the needs of enterprises ranging from small to big enterprises. We are here to help you every bit and piece of your billing needs.


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