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We keep you in the loop for updates regarding every service offered to the clients. Our clients can track the progress of the service every week. Our reports on the health of your revenue cycle every week raises the potential to identify new opportunities and room for development to strengthen the revenue cycle. Alongside, providing weekly progress report helps us monitor the revenue cycle from each patient to practitioner and offer a suggestion on customized billing protocols, educate internal staff about the changes or improvements made in the billing cycle. Our chiropractic billing services work intending to improve the financial health of the provider giving freedom to focus on patient health. The client will have real-time updates on the cash inflow and outflow of the hospital. Our weekly progress report includes accounts aging reports that indicate our weekly performance., reports on claims cleared and claims to be paid. We also report payment trends and collection reports to help you further analyze the problem and resolve it. As a part of chiropractic billing services, we provide weekly reports that detail productivity along with procedure code analysis, projections of your business revenue cycle, and problems to be attended, if any.
We indulge in a process-driven approach right from insurance eligibility verification to payment posting; our weekly reports gives update on revenue cycle on each patient that keeps you accurate on financial projections.

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