Importance of finishing patient notes during appointments

Chiropractor service is on-demand during recent times. Even a mid-sized medical practice will see an average of 20-50 patients in a day. Documenting patient records electronically will consume at least 25% of the doctors time. Being occupied with such workloads, chiropractors tend to shift patient notes to the end of the day or weekends. Though it sounds sensible, it hurts your practice. Here are good reasons why it is important to finish patient notes on time.

Importance of electronic health records

Chiropractors document patient records electronically to allow and share the information in a universal system in easy to read format. These electronic health records will help the practitioner to document patient progress and monitor quality health care they receive. The EHRs that are perfectly maintained ensures proper billing and coding.

Proper work-life balance

When documenting patient notes is pushed to EODs or weekends, the Chiropractor may have to spend later part of the day or weekends in front of a computer completing the job. The act may lead to negative effects on personal life and cause a disruption in work balance life. By completing patient notes during the appointments, you will enjoy some quality time after office hours, and also there are fewer chances of errors by handling a single patient document at once.


Timing of the patient notes is very important because there are good chances of losing the detail after long hours of interaction with many patients. Timely documentation of patient notes will reduce the chance of malpractice. The longer you wait to make notes, the higher will be an accuracy challenge as you depend on brain recall alone.

Healthier practice

The key aspects of patient note during the appointment is to provide quality health care to patient care. The purpose of patient notes is to provide an accurate description of patient medical conditions, diagnoses history, care provided and treatment results. These medical documents should be noted accurately to reflect all relevant aspects related to patients and serve as an effective communication tool. The sooner you document patient notes; the more accurate and detailed the patients will be.

You will also be able to provide quality health care to the patients. The happier patients will refer new patients to your practice helping your business grow.

Documented proof

The patient note on your table is proof of something has happened. This can act as proof in case of any uncertainty. Though we feel your remember every detail during a patient visit, it is not possible unless you make a note of it, this is the juncture where patient notes during the appointments turn to be a key.

How chiropractic billing services help you?

Chiropractic billing services will provides customized software services which you can easily accesses portal even during the patient visit. The patient notes when made during the visits will help the practitioner to provide quality treatments. The software provided by chiropractic billing services will be free of cost and can be customized as per your requirements.

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