Underbilling patients might cost chiropractors up to 44% of their annual revenue. That’s a startling $17 billion in lost revenue per year due to billing errors. The payment backlog is attributed to a lack of understanding of chiropractic billing practices. Medical billing frauds, such as overcoming and manufactured diagnoses, are also common causes of claim denial.

Best chiropractic billing services can help you with chiropractic insurance billing solutions if you’re seeking a way to solve these problems. For your needs, we offer the best chiropractic billing services. While being completely compliant with HIPAA standards, we specialize in invoicing, collection, & practice management, as well as revenue cycle management. So, what are you waiting for? Join forces with us to receive faster reimbursements and avoid claim rejection.

They Provide Chiropractic Coding & Billing Services

Your search for a dependable billing partner to help you decongest complaints pile up has come to an end. Chiropractic medical billing services can be tailored to help you manage your revenue cycle more efficiently. For accelerated payments, we provide the following services:

Enrollment in the Billing System –

The certified professional coders (CPC) acquire demographic and insurance information via secure FTP or gain access to the practice management software (PMS) over a secure VPN connection to ensure the correct coding of bills.

Records Verification –

As part of the chiropractic medical billing service, we conduct insurance verifications. This is done to see if patients have received mandatory authorisation for healthcare services and if they are eligible for top insurers’ coverage. By delegating record validation to the top chiropractic billing services, such as Flatworld Solutions, providers may focus completely on patient care. Allow us to verify insurance coverage before billing to avoid denials or delays.

Chiropractic Billing Coding –

The AAPC-certified coders are knowledgeable about the structure and format of chiropractic coding and billing systems like the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and others. They take the essential efforts to guarantee your healthcare data are coded appropriately for maximum compensation as a HIPAA-compliant coding business. To increase your revenue and decrease risks, we meticulously evaluate health insurance data before assigning codes.

Management of Claims Denials –

Since insurers send a cash transaction for batch filing, it can be difficult to reconcile payment data with patient billing records. As a result, failing to follow payer regulations and norms might result in claims denial and financial loss. The Chiropractic billing services can examine the cause for denial, harmonize data, make corrections, and appeal claims, allowing you to receive a better refund with no effort. They offer peace of mind so you can focus on patient care rather than appealing claims.

AR Collections for Chiropractic Insurance Billing –

Co-payments, shifting buyer plans, insurance agreements, and other factors make AR management difficult for practitioners. By outsourcing receivable accounts to the top chiropractic billing services, you may reduce cash collection shortages, make AR adjustments, and gain more visibility into the transaction. To improve cash flow, https://ihsbilling4chiro.com/ staff prepares bills for claims and follows up on pending insurance.

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