Benefits of Electronic Claims to Providers

Technology has brought many changes in different fields, and the medical industry is not an exception. In spite of many technological advancements, providers are still struggling to manage their revenue cycle. Lack of technology usage in their billing cycle is failing the business, not in terms of quality service but financially. The right management of the revenue cycle is very important for the practitioner to sustain in the industry financially.  Delay in timely insurance claims is one of the major reasons for delayed progress in the practitioner’s revenue cycle. The current article throws limelight on the benefits of electronic claim submission to the provider.

1. What is an electronic claim submission?

Electronic claim processing has brought greater efficiency in the health care industry. It is a paperless claim form of the patient-generated by the billing software. The raised claims are then transmitted to the insurance provider for further processing resulting in the quick progress of the revenue cycle.

2. Accuracy of claim submission: Mistakes in the patient’s claims are the major reason for the denial or rejection of claims. The electronic process of the claims improves the accuracy of the claims submitted. The simplified paperless submission reduces redundancy and dissemination of information. A quick correction to the deviations in the information improves the accuracy of the forms submitted and enforces the processing of the claims even before the expected time.

3. Lowers administrative costs: Electronic claim processing requires less staff to run operations, so; it will reduce the administrative cost of the provider to a great extent. This positive benefit enables the providers to focus more on patients and focus on providing quality care to the patients. It offers a double-edged benefit to any provider. Along with the reduction of administrative costs, the provider will enjoy a complimentary benefit of providing quality care to the patients and increasing their brand value. It also reduces claim processing expenses like extensive paperwork, postal charges, and many other stationery related expenses.

3. Improves cash flow: This is the most important benefit the providers will enjoy with the electronic processing of claims as the processes can effectively prevent most common errors from the claim denials or rejections. Every information on the patient claim form can undergo double-check and cross-verified before submission reducing delay in the approval of the insurance claims.

3. Track patient information: The number of patients that are visiting chiropractic services is increasing on a regular basis. As your practice spreads its wings, it will be difficult to keep track of your huge patient information on fingertips unless the data is maintained electronically. You can keep track of every insurance claim handled by the medical practice. Every stage of each insurance claim can be tracked just in few clicks. The provider will enjoy a transparent picture of the health of the revenue cycle at any given time. As each claim status can be tracked in a matter of minutes, one can take appropriate action to complete the claim process and increase the cash flow of the revenue cycle.

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